Blackstone Fortress Bases for all expansions and Deathwatch overkill Base toppers

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Check out our Gothic Base Toppers in action!

Canny Gambit - Theren's story of miniature painting and more.

I have been painting miniatures since 2013, and have really enjoyed various forums, painting blogs, and social media content about the miniature world we are creating.

I really enjoy that extra bit of immersion when basing my miniatures, I hope to share these with you!
I have created a set of bases inspired by the artwork of Blackstone Fortress and the memory of a cricket ball going through a window one summer while playing backyard cricket.

I started the Gothic base toppers about a year ago, inspired by the board game Deathwatch Overkill. These are designed to glue on top of the bases supplied, make sure to sand off the textured top of the supplied bases to make them really pop.

These bases and toppers are designed and created in New Zealand and shipped worldwide. They are 3D designed, printed, and sold in quality liquid plastic resin and pressure cast for a premium product.

Like all cast products,  there is a small amount of clean up needed. I recommend some fine sandpaper or a scalpel to smooth off any casting edges.